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Fed : Federating data       by Guillaume Berthommier and Raymond Ripp

What is Fed

Fed consits of

  • a PHP based website using Html and Javascript
  • a PostgreSQL Relational Database

It allows to manage (see more with Fed Web Architecture)

  • Teams
    • people
    • workpackages
    • components
    • centres
  • Data
    • Datafiles can be uploaded in Galleries of documents
    • or fully integrated in the Relational Database
  • Thematics (or Projects)
    • corresponding to one or several workpackages
    • transversal to the whole database
  • Gallery
    • The Galleries are organized as a hierachical tree of Galleries, each Gallery contains Datafiles and other Galleries.
  • Datafile
    • a Datafile is a file which was uploaded by a member.
    • a Datafile has an owner.
    • It can be referenced in several galleries.
    • it has a visibility group called Grog which allows to define access rights
  • Grog
    • a Grog is a group of groups, and people.

The people can upload their Datafiles in a Gallery. These data are then especially processed to be integrated in the Relational Database.

Advantages of Fed

  • A unique common set of PHP programs controls all Fed instances.
    • These programs are developped and maintained by Guillaume and Raymond.
    • A copy of them can be used on a distant computer.
  • Each Fed instance has its own private look and feel and relational database as well as specific programs.
    • The web site and pecific programs can also work without Fed

Several Feds can be federated

One interesting point is that several 'independant' Fed can be federated.

  • only the people are known everywhere
  • groups of people are defined independently in each Fed.

This can be easily done if the creation of new users is centralized on the unique FedLord. The information concerning the new user is then transferred to the local Fed especially the Pk which has to be the unique Id of the user.

Projects federated with Fed


Guillaume a pu automatiser quelques étapes de l'installation.

 voir dans phpWebGB/wizard


voir FedArchitecture

Et voici quelques outils que Raymond a rajoutés depuis

CheckTsearch : Mise en oeuvre de tsearch pour une base de données postgresql

Il suffit de lancer (il est dans le menu WebTools/WebSite). Voir CheckTsearch car il y a quelques détails à préciser.


En gros on affiche toutes les tables avec toutes leurs colonnes et on demande lesquelles doivent être sous tsearch. La colonne idxfti est créée si nécessaire.