Online databases

Database name Sequences Species Info
OrthoInsector Cross-domains 2,874,537 144 eukaryotes, 142 bacteria, 31 archaea More info
OrthoInspector Eukaryota 10,290,183 711 eukaryotes More info
OrthoInspector Bacteria 12,408,471 3,863 bacteria More info
OrthoInspector Archaea 394,539 179 archaea More info

Databases updated in December 2017

Data retrieval

All orthology relations can be navigated on this website, using the navigation bar.

We do not provide a direct download link to a complete dump of the SQL databases as each one physically corresponds to several hundreds of gigabytes. For such request, please email Odile Lecompte ( If you want to test OrthoInspector on a small dataset, a 6 organisms database is available in the "Database/Download" section.

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