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Jean Muller, Phd, HDR, MCU-PH

Laboratoire de Génétique Médicale (U1112)
Laboratoires de Diagnostic Génétique (UF 1421)
Bioinformatique Médicale appliquée au Diagnostic (UF 7363)

Phone: +33 6 27 12 54 57, +33 3 69 55 07 77 (Diagnostic Lab)


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My main scientific interest is focused on life science and genetics. Trying to understand biological entities with informatics tool is my daily job. I have learned several programming languages (C, Java...) but my preference is set to Tcl/Tk a wonderful and flexible scripting language. My complete CV is available in english or in french in pdf format.

[Scientific career]

My scientific career started in 2002 during my Master degree dedicated to learning "Complementary Skills in Informatics" where I was involved in comparative analysis of prokaryotic genomes responsible of diarrhea (report and presentation). I continued in the same lab (LBGI within the IGBMC, Strasbourg) as a PhD student from 2002 to 2006 combining bioinformatics and microarrays developments implemented to study the different cytoskeletons. My PhD was co-directed by Dr Olivier Poch (Laboratoire de Bioinformatique et Génomique Intégratives, Strasbourg) and Dr Evelyne Friederich (LBMAGM, Luxembourg). My PhD thesis is available online since the 29th of November 2006 (report and presentation). In 2006, I moved then to Heidelberg at EMBL where I did a postdoc in the bioinformatics group headed by Dr Peer Bork. More information about this fantastic lab can to be found here.
Since september 2009, I am working as an assistant professor in Bioinformatics and Genetics (MCU-PH) at the University of Strasbourg and the Academic Strasbourg Hospital. In the Laboratoires de Diagnostic Génétique, I take care of the molecular diagnostic (post and prenatal) of the Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) and the Alstrom syndrome (ALMS) in France and partly in Europe.
Since 2016 and jointly with Dr Antony Le Béchec, we have implemented the Applied to Diagnosis Medical Bioinformatics unit at the Hospital dedicated to the Next Generation Sequencing applications (NGS) data analysis (UF 7363).
My research has been developped jointly in the bioinformatics group co-headed by Drs O. Poch and J. Thompson (LBGI) and in the group of Pr J-L. Mandel (Genetic Mechanism of Neurodevelopmental diseases at IGBMC) from 2009 until 2014. In 2015, I have joined Pr H. Dollfus' lab (Laboratoire de Génétique Médicale, UMR_S 1112) to further develop my research on eye diseases. This includes isolated retinitis pigmentosa and more syndromic forms (such as BBS and ALMS) for which we are developing new diagnostic tools to better characterize the molecular causes, identify novel disease causing genes or mechanisms. I specifically focus on the development of assays and tools dedicated to improve the analyses of NGS applications (including whole exome and whole genome sequencing). As an example, we have developped together with Véronique Geoffroy (IR, in the lab), VaRank a comprehensive workflow to rank/prioritize variations identified from NGS data and AnnotSV to annotate and rank/prioritize structural variations. In June 2021, I defended my "habilitation à diriger des recherches" (HDR) based on the topic presented above. Since 2022, I co-lead with H. Dollfus one the research groups in the lab (group 1: Ciliopathies & ultra-rare sensorial diseases).


My PhD was focused on the applications and the development of bioinformatics methodologies and high throughput technologies aiming at better understanding the cytoskeleton. I first applied comparative genomics and particularly phylogenetic profiling methods. For this, I developped ComIcs to automatically establish the phylogenetic profiles for the complete set of the 1200 cytoskeleton genes in 41 eukaryotic organisms. Results revealed several major limitations of the method linked either to highly similar protein families or the lack of complete proteomes for some organisms. Some of these issues were addressed by an in depth analysis of Actin and the Actin-Related Proteins family. This led to the implementation of ARPAnno, a web server dedicated to the identification of protein sequences similar to actin.
In parallel, we developped a new dedicated microarray, named Actichip, to monitor the expression profiles of cytoskeleton genes. For this we implemented Actinome, a collection of sequences related to the cytoskeleton and CADO4MI (see details here), a new program dedicated to the automatic design of specific oligonucleotide probes for microarrays.
Finally, one major achievment during my Phd was the identification of 2 novel genes, BBS10 and BBS12, involved in the Bardet-Biedl syndrome. This disease (OMIM:209900) is characterized by multiple clinical manifestations, most prominently a progressive retinal dystrophy, obesity, polydactyly, cognitive impairment and renal anomalies. Combining SNP arrays analysis, zebrafish modelling together with bioinformatics analysis (e.g. sequence analysis using multiple alignment of complete sequences and comparative genomics) led to the characterization of 2 vertebrate specific and fast evolving genes. You can find additional information on this website.


During my postdoc, I joined the Bork group at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany. In this fantastic collaborative place, I was involved in the development of tools, protocols and databases related to the evolution and comparison of proteins. Among those, AQUA is a simple automated protocol for the selection of high quality multiple protein sequence alignment. eggNOG is a database of clusters of orthologs that provide a framework for comparative genome analysis. STRING is a database of known and predicted protein interactions. I also participated in some large collaborative analysis such as the sequencing project of 2 insects genomes (Daphnia pulex and Nasonia vitripennis) and the analysis of the Gut Microbiome.

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Equal contributors are highlighted with * and supervised students underlined in blue

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